Laura G. Prescott SLIG Scholarship

Laura G. Prescott (1958-2018)Laura G. Prescott (1958-2018)

Laura G. Prescott’s bright smile, gracious friendship, and positive attitude, and many contributions as a teacher, writer, researcher, mentor, society leader, APG president, and director of Ancestry Academy made a significant mark on the genealogical community. In recognition of her friendship to all, her professional accomplishments, and her passion for genealogical education, the genealogical community established the Laura G. Prescott SLIG Scholarship.

Thanks to the many people who donated to the fund, the scholarship will award full tuition for one candidate to attend the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy or one of its affiliated programs (SLIG Fall Virtual or SLIG Spring Virtual).

Application Procedure

A committee personally appointed by Laura will consider applications, and the winner will be guaranteed a seat in the course of his/her choice. Applicants may be any age (young to old) or skill level (amateur, intermediate, advanced, professional), but should exhibit a passion for genealogy, appreciate the importance of education and standards in our field, and serve the community through volunteerism. The successful application will include:

  1. Applicant information:
    1. Basic contact info (name, address, email, phone)
    2. Course of choice
    3. Genealogical experience
    4. Areas of genealogical specialty
    5. Previous training or degrees that complement your genealogical education, if any
    6. Volunteer activities (genealogical and otherwise)
    7. Publications, if any
    8. Lectures and webinars, if any
    9. Continuing education activities
  2. A short essay (750 words or fewer). The applicant should label each page of the essay and application with his/her name in case it becomes separated from the Applicant Information. Questions the applicant could consider answering include:
    • Why are you applying?
    • What do you expect to gain from the opportunity to take this particular class at SLIG?
    • Why do you deserve such a scholarship? (Do not think of this in strictly financial terms.)
    • How do you intend using the fruits of this opportunity in the future?
  3. A letter of recommendation from someone in the genealogy sphere speaking directly to the questions in #2 and explaining why the applicant is a good candidate for the scholarship. Again, please label each page with the applicant’s name.

The committee will be looking for an applicant who embodies many of the qualities that made Laura so special, both personally and professionally. The intent is to continue Laura’s legacy of passion for and service to the genealogical community.

To apply:

Please use the form below to submit your application (available January 1, 2024). PDF attachments are preferred for items 1, 2, and 3 outlined above. Questions may be submitted to:

Deadline for 2024 applications: May 1, 2024 for Fall 2024 and January 2025 courses.

Previous Winners (listed by year awarded)

2023: Rebecca Dobbs of Ellicott City, Maryland
2022: Edward Swierczewski of Flushing, New York
2021: Jourdan Brunson of New Orleans, Louisiana
2020: Two scholarships were awarded in this unique virtual year:
     Desiree Funston of Missoula, Montana
     Sherri Hessick of Tucson, Arizona
2019: Two scholarships were given this inaugural year:
     Eileen Ó Dúill of Dublin, Ireland
     Julie Parillo of Covington, Georgia